Kodamail for Gmail
A Chrome browser extension for Gmail
Also Brave , Yandex and Microsoft Edge browsers
  • Encrypt and Decrypt email and files
  • You can encrypt / decrypt emails and virtually any file on your computer including zip files. File encryption allows multiple and mixed encryption methods allowing you to encrypt with a public key and then encrypt again using AES 256.
  • Public / Private Key Creation
  • Create a RSA Public / Private key pair, 2048, 3072 or 4096 in size,
    or ECC curve keys.
  • Key Management
  • Manage your keys, including download and/or import of keys.
    Private key is always stored encrypted.
  • Sign email with private key
  • You can sign the email content or files with your private key which can then be verified using the corresponding public key.
    When signing a file, a zip file is created containing the original file, the signature file and a help file.
    The signature can be verified using the public key.
  • Track opened emails
  • Click on the track icon at bottom of Gmail compose:

    View tracking result in your Inbox or Sent folders.
  • Schedule and track emails
  • Gmail's scheduler is fully compatible with Kodamails tracking features allowing you to track an email you schedule for delivery.
  • Track Links clicked
  • Links in emails are tracked by default if you select to track the email. This can be switched off in Admin.
  • Track Attachments opened
  • Visit the email in your Sent folder and you can see when and by whom the attachment was downloaded.
  • Password protect Attachments
  • Tracking attachments: you can password protect (optional) so only the recipient can download and you can revoke the ability to download at any time.
  • Desktop Notifications
  • If you're tracking an email (optional) a notification will show in your desktop as soon as your email is read.
    You will also see a notification if a link in an email was clicked or an attachment was downloaded.
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